PROMOS has the best estimating system ever and as it is independent of any catalogue group - you are not tied to their products.

Products can be added from any, or each, of the following;-
  • Promos database of 10k products from main suppliers update daily for your accurate pricing - above image shows how fast and easy it is to create a quote from this source.
  • Sourcing Machine’s huge database containing over eighty five thousand products, after selecting the products to add -simple drag and drop to make the quote.
  • Catalogue Group website - we currently work with Page, Advantage, Ignite, but if the catalogue group allows, we can work with your chosen one.
  • Products from your own database within PROMOS
  • Copy/Paste lines between different quotes.
  • Manually entered in products
It can even handle different currencies, setting duty rates and inspection fees.

PROMOS compiles quotations containing multiple items from a number of suppliers with ease and are ready to go to your customer as a pdf.
Also, any quotation can instantly be converted to sales order, purchase order(s) and then to Invoices