Promos has a clean interface with tabs along the top to show you which module you are currently in and on each layout the left 'grey' bar has a filter to show the records you have found and want to work on. On the Dashboard this has the 4 buttons.
  • The Orders ToDos are for your order production team to keep on top of all tasks, like PDF proof from Supplier to Invoice Customer, so no job misses the clients deadlines.
  • The Diary works like all online diaries and shows all your sales follow up task so your sales team can be more productive and create greater sales.
  • The Reports Generator has reports for Orders/Quotes/Purchase Orders by date, by Customer and by Salesperson
  • The Sales Chart is a powerful tool that allows you to drill down on all Orders within a period, either year on year to see client or Salespersons performance, or month on month to be able to see client trends over a year and can be configured to show in different formats. Very simple, very powerful!